The Reel Lite mini™ is a versatile LED fixture which can replace a 2k tungsten space light delivering higher output, solid color spectrum, and softer light quality than a traditional source.  It has been carefully designed to accept existing accessories, skirts and targets and is stackable for storage. 

Simplicity of design allows the user to simply plug and play without learning an advanced control system.  The units utilize DMX and are compatible with wireless DMX, and employ an on-board dimmer for use on a stand.  Powercon connections allow the user to daisy-chain units together, removing needless cable runs.  Drawing only 3 amps, the Reel Lite mini™ will lower your energy usage by 80%, and you will never need to change a bulb or replace a burned skirt.

In addition to its main use, the Reel Lite mini™ has an optional bail system allowing the user to put the unit on a stand, utilizing a Chimera™ or other branded soft boxes and octobanks. 

Download Spec Sheet Here